Security needs to step it up

Security needs to step it up

Security needs to step it up

Thefts from vehicles have unfortunately become commonplace on Missouri Southern’s campus.

Since the beginning of the semester, security has reported eight thefts from cars in the residence hall parking lots alone. Personal items from CDs to checkbooks have been stolen from students’ vehicles. One student reported a theft worth $600 from his car.

Seven of the cars broken into were parked in the lots behind the campus apartments, and the eighth car was in front of Blaine Hall.

Campus Security and the Joplin Police Department have been working together to solve these crimes. While they believe the thief is not a student, that does not make the victims, or any other student, feel any safer.

Why are these crimes repeatedly happening? Seven of the thefts have occurred in the same area. One would think security would increase its patrol of this area.

Granted, security is not a law enforcement agency. But, its job is to protect the campus and its students.

Not only are thefts from cars occurring, but items are also being stolen from residence hall rooms.

Many students make the choice to live on campus for the added safety. Now that students are being violated, will many make the decision to stop living on campus?

So until security implements extra safety precautions, students are reminded to use common sense.

Lock car doors. Lock rooms. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight in vehicles. Park cars in non-secluded areas.

If we’re not protected, we have to protect ourselves.