Westside BBQ is worth a visit for barbecue fans


Wesley Underwood

Webb City’s Westside Barbecue 

Wesley Underwood

If you are looking for a place to get your grub on, then Westside BBQ is the place for you. Not only do they have great food and a great atmosphere, the food is also reasonably priced. Yes, good cheap food. Rarely does that ever happen, but at Wiestside BBQ they make that happen. Food prices start from $3.00 to $77.00.

Their food ranges from appetizers like chips and queso, to food such as wings and burgers. While they also have dishes like Ribs, pulled Pork, Smoked chicken, brisket, and well BBQ. Not to mention they have Fried desserts that include Fries Oreos and funnel cakes. Boy, did those smell great.

While I was there, I had what is called Glutt’n ForPunishment. It’s a sandwich that has Brisket, Pork, chicken, hot links, smoked sausage mixed together and soaked in a spicy BBQ sauce that is topped with melted pepper jack cheese on Texas toast. The flavor was a perfect tangy yet spicy flavor. So if you are

spicy kind of food person, then it’s the sandwhich for you. If you are not into spicy food, but you love BBQ, I also had their three rib basket. Which came with St. Louis Style ribs and fries. Boy were they good. They were so good that they just slid right off the bone and melted in your mouth and

the fries, they were pretty great also. The list goes on as to how good the food at Wiestside BBQ is, but one thing I haven’t talked about yet is service. The service at Wiestside was phenomenal. If you needed a refill, they were right there to help you out. Not only did they ask about refills, but they were very friendly and kind as well.

I would defiantly recommend this place to you, your friends, or you family.