Kappa Sigma raises money for veterans


Shelby Jackson

Clayton Sloniker, a triple major at Missouri Southern is a member of Kappa Sigma and participated in the fraternities “No Sleep for Soldiers” event that helped raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Shelby Jackson

Fraternities and sororities are often known for their various acts of philanthropy and community service. Missouri Southern’s Kappa Sigma fraternity is certainly no exception to that. The organization recently hosted an event titled “No Sleep for Soldiers.” 

The event was hosted by Pi-Eta Kappa Sigma and is one of their main community service events which also directly ties into the organization’s “Military Heroes Campaign.” The movement was created by Kappa Sigma a decade ago fand is still going strong. Since the event’s creation, Kappa Sigma has raised over $1 million in donations and contributions and gives all of it to various non-profit organizations, including The Wounded Warriors Project.  

This year “No Sleep for Soldiers” campaign was Kappa Sigma’s fifth annual effort. The event began Tuesday, April 11, and ended on Thursday, April 13, running non-stop 24 hours a day straight through the night. 

Similar to other years, the fraternity brothers got very little sleep with many of them staying awake for 48 hours straight in honor of America’s military heroes and what they endure on a regular basis. The round-the-clock nature of their effort also allowed them more hours in the day to raise donations for the veterans. This year’s endeavor raised a total amount of approximately $5,000.

“No Sleep for Soldiers” is just one of the many acts of philanthropy that Kappa Sigma undertakes in the local area. 

The fraternity’s other community service events include volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, delivering pies to first responders and other emergency service personnel on March 14 for Pi Day, and spending a few days camping in cardboard boxes in support of the homeless. 

“Although we understand that we don’t live exactly like homeless people do, we do this event to help raise food and money donations to help homeless people get back on their feet,” said Kappa Sigma’s Philanthropy Chairman Nathan Glensky, freshman political science major.