Southern president concerned about proposed state budget cuts


Matt Barney, 2016-17 editor-in-chief

Gov. Eric Greitens spoke at Southern ahead of his election in November 2016.

by Cora Butcher-Spellman Associate Editor

Dr. Alan Marble, president of the University, said his recent visit to Jefferson City went “very well. We have some friends in the legislature that are going to try to help us. We’re very grateful for whatever they may be able to do.”

Gov. Eric Greitens recently proposed his fiscal year 2019 budget which would cut another 2.4 million dollars from Missouri Southern’s budget. “Higher education has taken the brunt of the cuts for years,” said Marble. The proposed budget reduces the money for high education by nearly 70 million dollars. These cuts would be across the board, not proportional to the amount of money universities currently receive nor based on any performance indicators. The university does not yet know how they will respond to the evolving threat. One major factor in this issue is Missouri House Bill 3 which limits the amount universities can raise tuition. Any tuition increases must be less than the Consumer Price Index except in case of a waiver.

“If you raise tuitions and common fees above the approved CPI level, you must ask for a waiver. If it is approved, you will not be penalized 5 percent of state appropriations. If it is not approved, you will be penalized that 5 percent.” If the budget “continues to erode,” Marble says he fears the University will be forced to ask for a tuition waiver in spite of the CPI index.