Intoxicated subject attempts to flee from scene after drive through tunnel

Vehicle Accident3/8/20049:20 p.m.

Security was notified that a vehicle was driving “careless and imprudent.” When security arrived on the scene the vehicle was in the walking tunnel attempting to back out.

After the vehicle left the tunnel, security asked the driver if he had been drinking, and he stated that he had. The driver started to walk away after he was informed that JPD was on its way. Security grabbed his hand and the subject lost his footing and fell.

The driver was arrested and the only damage was scratches to the tunnel wall and to the car.

Information3/9/20049 p.m.

Security was called to Blaine Hall by an SA who stated a person or persons unknown had been vandalizing his car.

The person(s) had been spitting on his vehicle and tampering with his gas cap. The SA advised the spitting seemed to be happening approximately twice a week.

Property Destruction3/22/20049 p.m.

Security noticed four pellet gun holes were in the windshield of a patrol vehicle when security returned on March 22.

The shots were all on the driver’s side, and the damage was not there upon security’s departure on March 19. There is no known time or date of damage.

Information3/27/20042 p.m.

Security was notified by a theatre instructor who, while removing the orchestra pit cover found there was termite damage on the left side of the stage facing the auditorium.

The damage is to a wall casing in the stairs.

Drug Law Violation3/28/20046 p.m.

Security received a call from the on-duty SA in reference to finding drug paraphernalia in a residence hall along with some alcoholic beverage cans and bottles.

Further investigation revealed a small quantity of marijuana seeds and ashes lying in a dish. JPD was notified and responded to the scene. All items found were turned over to JPD. The subject was not present, but later returned and was arrested.

Drug Law Violation3/28/20044:25 p.m.

Security was notified by a student in Blaine Hall about a subject who had a large amount of marijuana hidden in his room.

At that time security notified the SA, who took security to the room where the drugs were supposedly hidden.

Upon searching the room security “stumbled upon” a lock box in the corner of the room.

JPD was notified and used a K-9 dog to check the box for drug paraphernalia.

The dog “hit” upon the box, and JPD took the item into custody.