Sweden students hold artwork raffle

Justin Shaw, Senior Studio Art Major

Justin Shaw, Senior Studio Art Major

Russ Hagerman

Students are holding a raffle to get closer to Sweden.

Ten students and one instructor, Dewane Hughes, assistant professor of art, will travel to Sweden May 16 and return during the first week in July.

Six college credits are awarded for the six weeks the students are in Sweden. Along with the academics, they will visit London, Stockholm and Copenhagen. The students will be housed in dorm rooms at the Mullsjo Folkhogskola, which is similar to a college.

Justin Shaw, senior studio art major, is looking forward to seeing Sweden.

“So many of our roots are in Europe,” Shaw said.

“All artistic stuff comes from there anyway, it is nice to see it where there is more emphasis.”

The trip is funded partially by a K.L. Hyde grant and partially by the students. Costs for the trip are approximately $5,000 with the grant carrying $1,600 of the cost.

The raffle will cover the remainder of the cost at approximately $3,400.

Prizes for the raffle are two paintings, a 19 inches by 26 inches watercolor by Jim Bray, professor of art, and a 16 inches by 20 inches watercolor by Nicholas Kyle, associate professor of art.

There is also a Jay Terser electric guitar donated by Hughes, a Thermos 35,000 Btu propane barbecue grill from Home Depot and two $25 gift certificates from Wal-Mart.

Brandon Nepote, sophomore, studio art major, said he is looking to gain a better knowledge of where good art comes from.

“I’ve been here two years and notice they been having these trips. I watched the picture shows in the gallery and decided to go,” Nepote said.

Shaw said he is hoping to go on to graduate school and thinks the trip will inspire and make him fresh in his field.

“It is nice to be and work in that environment,” he said.

The raffle will be held until the drawing at the spring Art League sale on May 7. The items will be on display before and during the raffle.

Tickets may be purchased from Shaw or the other members of the group going.