Unknown assailant attacks, dents parked vehicle

Property Destruction2/27/20048:55 a.m.

Security was notified by a student who stated someone had damaged her car while she was in class.

The student stated she parked her car, and when she returned, she noticed a dent the size of a hand on the right rear quarter panel. The student did not know who had damaged her car.

Property Destruction3/1/20046:15 p.m.

Security was notified by a student who stated she had hit a University sign with her vehicle.

The student said she was turning into campus, and the next thing she knew, she was on the curb and had hit the sign. The sign was a speed limit and no parking sign.

The student said she would pay for damages to the sign.

Hit & Run3/2/200410 a.m.

Security received a call that a student’s vehicle was damaged while parked in the parking lot.

The student stated she had parked her car, and upon returning, she noticed damage to the right side of her car. There was no paint or marks around the damaged area of the vehicle indicating the color of the vehicle that left the scene.