Security advises solicitors to obtain permission

Information4/01/200410:50 a.m.

Two security officers responded to a report of solicitation by several people in front of the library on the oval. The individual stated they were handing out cards for the Dioko Coffee House.

Security advised them that solicitation was illegal on campus, but they could contact the manager of DPS if they thought they should be given permission to continue.

Several of the individuals were students at Ozark Christian College.

Information4/01/200411:31 a.m.

Security was dispatched to the front of The Billingsly Student Center for a reported solicitor. The solicitor advised that he was circulating a petition for a company for an initiative to the upcoming election.

Security advised the subject that without written permission he was not allowed to continue and advised him that he would have to contact the manager of DPS to obtain it. The subject left and obtained written permission.