Farewell to newspaper, bonjour to France

Jessica MacIntosh

Jessica MacIntosh

Jessica MacIntosh

It’s time to move on.

Four semesters of being on The Chart. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun.

They have been the best four semesters ever. I have met so many new people on staff; it’s hard to say goodbye to everyone.

There have been times where it’s been a roller-coaster ride. Some publication weeks were more stressful than other weeks, but every week seemed to come out OK for everyone on staff.

The staff has gone through so much; there were times, I know, we wanted to rip each other’s hair out, especially on Wednesday nights. We would argue about the littlest things, but we all know stress was a factor in this.

I am going to miss that.

I have to thank everyone on staff. Although we have had hard times, we all manage to remain friends. I really have to say thanks, because without the print publication, there would not be an online publication. Without the hard-working staff, it would not be possible to send out the news to those outside the four states. Without the stories, we would not have the dedicated readers.

As a matter of fact, I would like to say the first place award for Best Web Page at the Missouri College Media Association convention I received would not have been possible without the great stories and great photos from the entire staff. This, and the award for Best In State, proves we do work as a team.

I am definitely going to miss stinking up the office with my Philly cheese steak sandwich every day and telling everyone to take a chill pill or to breathe. Oh, there is the weekly, “Jessica, what’s the top read for the week?” question. I thought I was obsessive about some things, but the constant demand for the weekly story reads is something I am going to miss hearing.

But, most of all, I am going to miss taking care of my baby – The Chart Online. It’s been four great semesters working on the best Web site in the state of Missouri. Thanks to all the readers out there who look at our Web site. Good luck, Nate. You’re up next. Let’s see you beat 2,394 page views online.

The reason for the move on to bigger and better things is because I must fulfill my other major requirement – French.

I am excited for the fall semester. Spending a semester in Orléans, France will be the best thing I have done at Missouri Southern. It will be weird at first, but it will be the greatest learning experience.

I would like to learn more about the culture and improve my speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. This is the chance to also clear up those stereotypes about the French. I went to Paris on spring break 2003, and I hope the five months I am in France will clear up even more of those stereotypes people hear about.

With this experience, I hope to come back with a better understanding of the two cultures and teach others about the French culture.

Newspaper production is my passion, but now I must go to pursue my love for the French language and culture.

I guess this is au revoir – for a semester.

I shall return.