Extinguisher starts alarm, baffles DPS

Property Destruction4/17/200412:10 p.m.

DPS received a call from a custodian who stated a window had been broken in the Anderson Justice Center auditorium. A man called stating his 3-year-old son had thrown a rock through the window.

He was wondering who would pay for the window, since they were attending Creative Adventures. DPS advised him someone from Missouri Southern would contact him and let him know the details of the situation.

Information4/17/20045:30 p.m.

DPS received a call from an S.A. stating there was a problem in the Student Life Center. The S.A. said a student was causing a disturbance in the cafeteria. The student was closing all the shades and had several plates of food and glasses of water. Witnesses saw him put food in the microwave and sit on top of a table and then under it.

When DPS questioned him, the student stated he did not like being disturbed while eating. DPS then contacted JPD. The police arrived and questioned the student. The student would not answer, and the police left. The student was asked to leave and he did.

Fire Alarm4/18/20046:26 a.m.

As DPS was unlocking East Hall, the officer heard an alarm coming from the west hallway on the first floor. DPS checked the alarm status in the office which gave a normal status.

DPS then located the source of the alarm. The officer found the alarm coming from a fire extinguisher box. He reset the switch in the box so the next time the door was opened the alarm would sound. The box did not appear to be damaged and the pressure in the fire extinguisher was in the normal range. The officer was unable to determine if the alarm had been set by someone or set itself off.

Theft4/19/200411:50 p.m.

DPS was called to Blaine Hall in reference to a missing bicycle.

A student said he discovered his bicycle was missing from the bike racks and the last time he saw it was at 9:45 a.m. April 16. The student had locked the bicycle to the rack with a chain, which is also missing. DPS advised the student to make a report with the Joplin Police Department.