Garner rocks the box office in Peppermint

Melanie Dunnic Managing Editor

There’s nothing better than walking into Regal Northstar Stadium, and the aroma of delicious and buttery popcorn hits you like a ton of bricks, but add an action-packed, thriller like Peppermint, and you may have a run for your money.

Actress Jennifer Garner delivers a spectacular performance in this fist-clenching film about a mother who survives a brutal attack that ripped away her daughter and husband, and the justice she desperately seeks after.

Garner’s character, Riley North, awakens from her injury-induced coma, and her new, harsh reality sinks in. 

The justice system turned a blind eye, dismissed North’s case and the murderers walked away free.

At this point all hell is about to break lose as Garner is left with a vengeance and raging passion to avenge the murder of her innocent family.

For five years, North disappeared into the mysterious shadows, mentally and physically transforming herself, eluding law enforcement, news, and the FBI. 

Instead of adding to crime, North protected those around her, becoming an unstoppable force against society. 

She becomes known as a vigilante to those exposed to her swift maneuvers and superhero-like tendencies; to most, she was a hero to those who did not have a voice.

“The system failed. She won’t.”

Garner’s character channels Liam Neeson as her supremely strong female role exposes her determination and epic moves against her enemies. 

There are many moments of exciting, gut-wrenching scenes of revenge and violence, and Garner delivers an epic performance.

Each minute of Peppermint will have movie-goers on the edge of their seat, minds racing, questions arising on what her next fearless move will be. For an evening of adrenaline-packed scenes, students and their families interested can stop in to Northstar Stadium, grab some snacks and enjoy! Peppermint is Rated R for strong violence and language throughout.