Greeks rush new recruits

Nate Billings

Greek organizations on campus have been growing as the new year brings new recruits.

Several fraternities and sororities have been recruiting as part of their rush week.

The week, which is traditionally at the beginning of the year, ran two weeks instead of one because of the Labor Day weekend.

Adam Marold, junior marketing major, said his fraternity, Sigma Pi, had several events to recruit members.

The events included a movie night, flag football, and a pool tournament.

Eric Mathew, junior history major, also is in Sigma Pi.

“It (recruitment) is good for presenting a united front,” he said. “the more united we are, the better we work together on campus.”

Mathew said it was important to work together with other greek organizations on campus because as they may not be technically related, they are part of a greater brotherhood of greeks on campus.

Justin Collard, junior environmental health major, said there were 30 active interests in the organization as Sept. 7.

The organization will have a car bashing event at the homecoming football game. All visitors are welcome to have a chance to bash in an old car in front of the ticket booth. The car will be painted in green and gold as well as the opposing team’s colors. At the end of the game, the side which is bashed in the most will be considered the one with the most spirit.

“We’re a good organization and we take pride in what we do,” Marold said.

Kappa Alpha was also recruiting new members during the week.

Derrick Erwin, senior marketing major, said the week went well for his organization as well.

He said about 25 students were interested in the Kappa Alphas, but eight students received bids to become new members. The students who received bids were students who had shown interest and came to several events.

“The organization is open to all men in college not associated with another greek life,” Erwin said.

The fraternity has several expectations for their new members.

“We’re looking to find men who have high standards, but want to have fun and excel both academically and in life,” Erwin said.

The fraternities are open year-round for new recruits.

As far as sororities, Julie Blackford, director of student activities, said around 25 students were expected to show interest in the sororities, or otherwise known as women’s fraternities on campus.