Campus Voice

Campus Voice

Campus Voice

Bill Shepard

“I don’t think it has any effect on me.”

Isaiah WashingtonFreshman Kinesiology Major

“Well, it’s definitely good for the school but they still raise the prices in the cafeteria, from like $3.50 to $5.50. That’s too much.”

Duncan ChanSophomorePre-engineeringMajor

“The boom in residenc life is great for the University as well as the students themselves. The students gain freedom while the school gains enrollment.”

Yvette BowdenSophomoreSecondary EducationMajor

“The boom is due to the increase in the freshman population. I think that hopefully it will increase the participation of school activities.”

Hope BiesterveldJuniorHistoryMajor

“I feel that an increase in the dorm population leads to a more diverse population, not only in the sense of minorities but also in ideas. It is through these diverse ideas that we all come together and grow as a whole.”

Joshua FreemanFreshmanEnglishMajor