Campaign signs cause mother pain

A day that was ending frustrating, due to the fact that someone who thought it was a practical stunt heisted the campaign signs out of the yard, was wrong. Her mother became upset when it again happened in the morning, with the sign of the other campaign candidate in it.

Her daughter talked with some friends about it and ended up at a meeting she never dreamed she would be going to. The College Democrats were surprised at the fact that a Republican was here to tell what has happened to her family, and hoping for respect, but that wasn’t the case, most of the organizations went up in an uproar over something very simple, a problem both the organizations could work on a solution.

Yes, it may happen during an election year, but the fact is it is wrong for both parties to do this and to blame each other. She went in and it didn’t point her finger at anyone, but many thought that she would be poking fingers at someone who was of the opposite party, but she just wanted both of the groups to try to find a solution together, without a solution it will keep going.

She left the meeting feeling frustrated and the fact that she felt like nothing was accomplished with the exception of few who respected her point of view, and wanting to help come up with a solution. It also was apparent that they didn’t want her there to take the floor either. This showed within her speech, because she was about to break.

Since then, three of the College Democrats came up to her to apologize for the behavior of the group, but told her not one person of her party would be willing t o do what she did, just to find some common ground. It was a sincere apology and a well-accepted apology. She thanked him, for it and it helped her being relieved for quite sometime, and her very good friend apologized for the behavior of the group and knew and understood why she had done it. It wasn’t to point her fingers, but for both to come up with a solution.

Sarah ReedSenior General Studies Major