flip-flop vs. flop-flop

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George Bush is worse than a flip-flopper. He’s a flop-flopper.

When Bush ran for president in 2000, he claimed we needed tax cuts because the economy was doing so well that we could afford to return tax money to the people. Four years later, he claims we need the same tax cuts…because the economy is doing so poorly. This makes Bush’s argument for tax cuts impossible, illogical and unfalsifiable. You can’t have it both ways, and this is a flop-flop.

Bush also flop-flopped regarding Iraq. When violence in Iraq was minimal, Bush claimed this proved his Iraq policy was a success. But now when Iraq is a quagmire, Bush claims this also proves his Iraq policy is a success. Bush can’t be right no matter what happens, and he is a flop-flopper.

Bush’s flop-flopping has increased economic disparity in America, and led to the deaths of almost 1100 of our troops.

Kyle TuckerOronogo, MO