Student Senate discuss changes

Eric Ducommun - Student Senate President

Eric Ducommun – Student Senate President

Nate Billings

With a budget of more than $10,500, Student Senate opened its Oct. 20 meeting.

Senate allocated $555 total during the meeting.

The Environmental Health Club received $300 for a conference about regulations in environmental organizations. The conference will be in Springfield.

The second organization to receive funds was the Psychology Club.

The club will receive $255 for a conference in research presentations, allowing for sophomore and junior members to become exposed to the research process.

“I think the finance committee is doing a good job,” said Eric Ducommun, Senate president.

With the allocations over and the floor open to discussion, senators asked to make a resolution or revision to the allocation requirements.

The revisions would be made to the papers organizations turn in.

This would mean new guidelines for allocation requests.

“If we follow these guidelines strictly, we may benefit some organizations and not others,” said Alex Vassilov, sophomore senator.

Ducommun said the revisions would only be to ensure organizations are benefiting the campus with their allocations.

This would mean organizations would need to publicly share their funded work with the campus.

The final decision for changing the forms will be made by treasurer Kelli Friga.

“It’s a good thing to ponder throughout the week,” Ducommun said.

The meeting also produced several suggestions for changes to the campus.

Senate secretary Amber Hemphill has received several concerns about the University colors being displayed on campus.

The concerns are with bridges and crosswalks near parking lots which are painted red.

“It’s just absurd to have red bridges on campus,” Hemphill said.

Senators agreed to ask the Physical Plant to change the red to green and gold.

University President Julio León will also visit Senate Nov. 4.

Adam Griffin, advisor to Senate, urged senators to ask students for ideas.

“You’re the voice of the students,” he said.

Senate will also make the effort to see the results of the question and answer session with the president, which will be available to the student body.

All meetings are open, and the meeting with León is not an exception.

There are now two positions available on Senate and anyone wishing to join may come to the meeting at 5:30 p.m on Oct. 27 in the Billingsly Student Center.