Group discusses questionable content complaints

T.J. Gerlach

Finishing most of the fall semester’s planning, the Campus Activities Board started planning events for the spring semester.

“We’ve talked about doing one comedian per month,” said Julie Blackford, director of student activities.

After some discussion, the Board decided to have an entertainer of some sort every month instead of only comedians. Entertainers would include hypnotists and comedy troops, such as Mission IMPROVable, which came to Missouri Southern Sept. 16.

Board members discussed problems with students and community members bringing children to these events. Blackford said she received some complaints about parts of Mission IMPROVable’s performance. The Board decided to start putting content ratings on most of the performances.

While the events are free to the public, many are considered geared toward mature, college-age audiences. Blackford said CAB tries to bring entertainers who have clean acts, but sometimes mature content is inevitable.

Carla Fairbanks, resident director of McCormick Hall, agreed.

“Pretty much every group we’ve brought has been crystal clean compared to some that we’ve seen [at conventions and other campuses],” Fairbanks said.

All members agreed having children at certain events where the children may not be interested only serves to distract everyone from the performance.

Other spring events discussed were possibilities for Spring Break Blitz Spike Night. The Board decided the method for judging the talent show would need to be simplified for faster results after the competition.

Also considered was a reviving of a “Big Man on Campus” contest, which would be a mock beauty pageant with men competing in categories such as evening wear and a talent competition.

To finish out the fall semester, CAB has planned several events for November and December.

On Nov. 12, CAB will hold Grocery Bingo. The event will be a bingo night with bags of groceries given away as the prizes. Fairbanks said Southwest Missouri State University holds such an event every week, so the Board decided to see how successful this event turns out and will consider holding Grocery Bingo about once per month in the spring.

Other items discussed included:

* a costume contest and pumpkin-carving contest are planned for noon Oct. 29 either on the Oval or in the Billingsly Student Center.

* a karaoke night was planned for Nov. 16. Pizza and nachos will be served and prizes will be awarded.

* a gift-wrapping event is planned to follow the Dec. 7 men’s basketball game. Students can bring their unwrapped presents and wrap them or have them wrapped.

Blackford encourages all students to attend CAB meetings at 2 p.m. every Wednesday in the Student Activities Office on the second floor of the BSC. She also encourages students to bring their ideas into the office anytime it is open, which is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.