Student Senate greets new face

Eric Ducommun - Student Senate President

Eric Ducommun – Student Senate President

Nate Billings

Student Senate filled one of four empty seats during its Oct. 27 meeting.

Iulia Nastasa will be a freshman senator.

She is from Romania and said the Senate will give her a sense of how American parliamentary procedure works.

“I was really confused when I got here,” Nastasa said.

The meeting lasted less than a half hour because of fewer announcements and only one appropriation.

The Kinesiology Club presented its request after the Senate tabled the appropriation during the Oct. 20 meeting.

The appropriation was first tabled because of a lack of information in the request.

This time, however, the club presented more information to aid the senators in making their decisions.

“I appreciate how the club said their event will benefit the campus,” said Eric Ducommun, Senate president.

Ducommun said the details for benefiting the campus are important for all organizations making requests.

“We look favorably on that,” he said.

Also, the request forms will be changed to reflect how the organizations will benefit the campus.

The Kinesiology Club received $800 based on the finance committee’s recommendation.

Amber Hemphill, Senate secretary, also brought up the progress of the bridge colors. She said she spoke with Bob Harrington, director of the physical plant, to see if the colors could be changed.

He had to ask University President Julio León about the change, but León said he had to think about the issue.

Other issues which came up during the meeting were parking for theater students who must stay late for production nights, but cannot park in the Lionbacker parking lot across the street from Taylor Performing Arts Center.

The Senate Casino Night is also planned for the second Wednesday in November, but because of a possible change in the Senate’s schedule, the Casino Night may be moved. León’s scheduled meeting with Senate may change dates, but senators will know for sure by Friday.

Adam Griffin, Senate advisor, said the Casino Night change is tentative, but senators should prepare for it anyway.

The Senate ended the meeting with a budget of $9,305 after the appropriations during the meeting.

If León can make it to the original date, the president-Senate meeting will be Nov. 3 at 5:30 p.m. in the House of the Lords in the Billingsly Student Center.