Senate resolution funds Frisbee golf

Nate Billings

Due to a resolution passed by Student Senate, students will have something to throw around on campus.

The resolution passed during the Nov. 17 Senate meeting, provides $1,000 toward the creation of a disc-golf course on campus.

“It’s kind of a growing trend,” said Eric Norris, senator and student intramural sports director.

The course will cost approximately $2,500 when finished. The extra $1,500, which Senate will not fund, will be picked up by campus recreation.

Darren Fullerton, director of campus recreation, said the course will be built in the acre and a half behind the residence halls.

“The space is unusable for anything else,” he said.

The course will provide nine “holes” for players to reach with a par of 35.

The idea has been in the works for about three years.

Norris said he researched the project and found a company out of Austin, TX to have the better quality product for the better price.

The company will provide the poles with nets which are used to catch the Frisbees.

Maintenance will provide the labor of putting in the

poles and concrete.

Students will not have to pay to use the course.

“I feel this is a campus improvement,” Norris said. “It’s a good use of a $1,000 (by Senate) for something that will be there a long time.”

Norris said the course will be used for intramural sports and if any group or club wishes, it may use the course as well.

The course will be open every day.

“If you can see, you can play,” Norris said.

Fullerton said the course should be completed by the beginning of the spring semester if the weather permits.

Norris and Fullerton said the Campus Activities Board will not be asked for money unless it is necessary.

They did say, though, they may ask the CAB to provide Frisbees.

“We really don’t want to go out and beg money from different entities,” Fullerton said.

Other plans have been made for the residence hall side of campus.

The sand volleyball courts will be taken out and turned parallel to where they sit now, allowing for the addition of another court.

The tennis courts on that side of campus will also be resurfaced and later, taken up to make room for basketball courts.

The new renovations will be for the whole university to use.

“It’s not just for the residence halls,” Fullerton said.

Several students said they were interested in the disc-golf project though they had not heard about it before.

“It sounds cool,” said Emily Cabrera, sophomore education major. “I would be interested in it. Living on campus, the students don’t have anything to do.”

Cabrera said though she does not live on campus, she believes it will help all students.

Tenisha Hawkins, sophomore psychology major, agrees.

“It’ll probably bring people to campus,” she said. “It’s something recreational on campus. I think it’s pretty nice.”

Hawkins said she would also like to see other recreations come to campus such as music nights or dance-offs.

She said the price of the course did not seem expensive, but she would not want the expense to be put on the students’ tuition.

Bryce Blackford, sophomore graphic arts major, said he had not seen anyone play disc-golf and did not know if students would play.

“If it is utilized, I think that’s (the price) is pretty inexpensive,” he said. “I think it’ll bring in a few students, but not many.”

If the course is not completed by the beginning of the semester, it should be done within the first few months of the semester.

“We’re trying to better serve the students,” Fullerton said. “Your life outside the classroom is just as important as your life inside.”