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Editor and Chief of MSSU Chart:

Ammendment 3 and Ammendemnt 6 of the Constitution of the US States states that the privacy or government or military involvment is to be investigated by the media inregards to equality and violations of the power of any of the government branches. The media now is looking at class action law suits due to violations of FCC rules and regulations and or involvement in refusing to reoprt the truth to the people of this country. The White Sound or SIR used in Missouri from the 1995-1999 was documented by persons at Freemans Hospital as delusional psychopathic heritary physical problems. This by their legal documented evidence was a result of an chemical imbalance in the brain. The facts of this investigation and or legal documented evidence is that persons contributed and violated human rights violations by intentionally causing physical harm to innocent individuals. Remembering international students from the Middle East and the US laws violated in causing unwarented tention that may of contributed to international conflicts in the Middle East I submitted an e-mail to a political science professor. The results for the Junior Collaege and the involvement of their Student council has also been docmented in the Who’s Who 1996 for an SRI professor in California. the usage or unretrievable evidence lead his devotional refusal to comply to student council and their findings. He rebuked the student council by the refusal to comply with their leadership by following the wants of others and while maintaining their GPA of required standards for their educational experience that their leadership was suppost to refuse ar allow the situation that the students were subjected to. The faculty as well as the additional stress that persons followed was the parallel addition of the psychology books documented was meant to cause physical harm with the use of white sound. Persons in Washington DC accused the students and faculty of following the examples that were planned in advance instead of reporting the facts. While in Washington DC I excepted the challenge that the Washington Post printed for evidence in this case. Persons selected by the President of the US for reasons that experiense and perception justifys were being challenged at the Washington DC level of leadership. Ammendment 6 of the US issues the laws rules and regulations that law enforcement can use inregards of obtining evidence. My professors at MSSC reminded us that calculators are for companies that assist us for the accuracy and time needed for the results expected after graduation. The computers that assist law enforcement was tracked by myself before I left Missouri in 1999. I slept at the Riggs bank steps before the renovation of the security allowed arrivable of persons visiting the US as well as the rent free elected president. Never at any time is anybody in the US going to forget the house is rent free and is loaned to the elected person who the American people has allowed the electorials to sellect. The security and protection of ELECTE$D persons is their job. However in the background of the SECURITY of the Selected elected personel is the business of the Washington DC area. I can promice you this. The campaign trail and the business in the Washington area is the Morisey bloodiest business volume guaranteed to disfigure shread and slaughter individuals for the usage of high volume dollars money and cents. The Media has been reminded that the release of a source of information is the judicial jailing prepaid insurance that the media protects and expects of their employees. I attempted to speak with staff at the Washington Post about the FCC regulations that were being broken and phoned legal council as mandated by the state of Maryland as well as the Federal Government. The documented Bills were Faxed to Missouri Senator Kit Bond for protection and legalities mandated by the State of Missouri and required by laws of the Missouri. The persons At the Washington Post hired security guards. At their request and undocumented signature their employees refused the Editor and Chief of the Washington Post the chance of eliminating the serious telelcommunication violations that their invovled in and instead their security guards welcomed the illegal activities that their has been published. The dates of 3-9-00 and 2-21-01 and the following days are historically documented in the Congressional Records at the Library of Congress. I submitted copies of 3-9-00 and 2-21-01 Presidents day to a Legal Representative in the State Of Missouri. The telecommuncation violations also has been documneted as for legal evidence to a highly respected Judge who backed law suits years ago. Without the Facts and physical evidence the judicial unethical reasons OF BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU would of never been copied for the facts and evidence that a Judge must study as either admissable or unadmissable evidence. When challenged in the Science areas that the Science building At MSSC demands never at anytime is their any documented printed legal evidence that I can find that requires my hard work to be used as persons wanted to copy as donations in the fields of any areas of the Advancement of Science for the rights to publish my work or business expertise. Filmed work has docmented this remionding the Sciences of Ether and laws poverning the sciences. Reminding MSSC that the kindness in Washington that I found as well as the persons whose guilt has been embarasingly caught. Remember Ammendment 6. Civil Rights case number