She was so exited to be on a date with him. Her friends would want every detail. They pulled in her driveway after a night of fun. He leaned over and pulled her close covering her face with kisses.

“Get in the back.” He said. “I don’t know.” She replied hesitantly not wanting to make him mad at her. “Get in the back now. I have a knife on the dash.” He said.

Meekly, she crawled to the back of the van where sheets of plywood lay. He told her to take her pants off and lay down. She did. As he pounded into her over and over, one thought pounded in rhythm, “He’s raping me. This is what rape feels like.”

When he finished, she stood up on shaking legs trying to quickly conceal her sawdust covered body. She just wanted to get inside to wash off the sticky sawdust from her burning body. She just wanted to forget this had happened.

But it had. She had just been raped by someone she’d known for years, someone she’d admired and longed to be close friends with. But not like this.

Three months later she tearfully whispers to her mom, “I’m pregnant”. Her mom yelled, “You slut. I’ll never trust you again” as she slapped her injured daughter across the face.

Please don’t let this happen to you. No matter your age or background, you have the right to protect your self by establishing your boundaries. No man or woman deserves to be hurt by another. If you’ve been raped I hope you will be able to get help from someone you trust. You are not alone.

Pamela Corkle


Mass Communication Major