Many students miss out on free comedy

Parker Willis

With popular comedian Sinbad coming Jan. 28 to Missouri Southern, comedian Chris Cannon’s Jan. 20 show seemed to pail in comparison.

Many Southern students did not hear about the free comic show CAB is sponsoring.

Some students blamed this on not seeing flyers. Some said it was because it wasn’t listed on the weekly calendar of upcoming events on the Southern homepage.

“I think they should advertise more about the upcoming events,” said Kaitlin Kissee, freshman criminal justice major. “I would love to get involved more. It just seems like I come to Southern to go to class and go home.”

Upcoming events are usually posted around campus and on Southern’s homepage. Cannon’s performance, however, was not.

Bud Whitledge, freshman music education major, said he was considering going to Sinbad’s show.

He said the biggest issue was the high-ticket price. Tickets for Sinbad are on sale for $35-$45.

“As a freshman money is always an issue,” he said. “But with Cannon’s show being free, the only thing I would be worried about is getting off work.”

Julie Blackford, director of student activities, said everyone is welcome at the show, but the performance is recommended for mature audiences.

“We saw Cannon at a National Association of Campus Activities meeting and thought he would do well at Southern,” Blackford said. “He uses real world humor. By making things like Wal-Mart and McDonald’s seem funny.”

The Campus Activities Board said it is trying to have a comedian the third Thursday of every month.

Other CAB events include a Karaoke night at 7 p.m. on Feb. 17. Spike night is scheduled for March 17 along with the Comedy Sports improv group. CAB will provide free T-shirts and food.

On every second Friday, grocery bingo is scheduled in the Billingsly Student Center where one can win a bag of food. These dates are subject to change.

CAB members are currently in the process of finding more comedians. Anyone with a request or interest in CAB may stop by the Student Activities Office on the second floor BSC.