Student hurt after bicycling down hill



3:00 p.m.

The Department of Safety was contacted by the Joplin Police Department in regard to threats made to a student outside Blaine Hall.

A DPS officer arrived on the scene and could not find anyone outside the building and could not find anyone in the hall reporting threats.

JPD called the student back without response.

Injured Person


12:30 p.m.

A student contacted DPS after she had an accident.

The student attempted to ride a bicycle down a hill behind the Billingsly Student Center.

She reported falling over the handle bars and felt disoriented.

She went to Kuhn Hall for treatment.

Hit and Run


1:10 p.m.

DPS was contacted in regard to damage to a vehicle.

A vehicle in lot #39 suffered damage to the hood, causing a crack.

The owner of the vehicle also reported another accident causing a hole in the driver’s side bumper.

There were no witnesses to either event.