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Caroline Covell———— The Rise and Fall of the Empires by Caroline Covell compares and contrasts the politics, economic policies, and leadership management of Indonesia’s two presidents: Sukarno and Suharto. It also describes the uniqueness of Indonesia as a nation and as a country.

“You feed the cows and I sell the beef”

Indonesia is unique geographically, ethnically and culturally, politically, structurally, and in its leadership management. Geographically, it is located in the archipelago stretch between the Australian and Asian mainland in a 3,500-mile crescent. It is a large country with ten big islands and more than 17,000 small islands. The people are divided into 300 ethnic backgrounds and 300 languages, and diverse religious background. The archipelago was used to be under the Dutch colony where each island consisted of kingdoms (regions) and each was ruled by king (Bupati). Due to its diversity, the Dutch, who ruled this archipelago for 350 years, found it difficult to politically unify this archipelago. But Sukarno is capable to unify this archipelago. With his invention of “Pancasila”, the nation’s ideology, the diverse society and regions are united as one nation, one country, one language, one flag, and one anthem. Pancasila guarantees religious liberty, social justice and civilized humanity, unity, democracy, and prosperity. Sukarno is capable to blend American style leadership and Indonesia’s style government. It describes two presidents who have different personalities, come from different family backgrounds, have different economic status, and different level of education; but they have managed the country in similar fashion. Sukarno has photographic memory, is a people person, and a womanizer. He is the nation’s engineer, visionary, orator, the Commander-in-Chief of the military, and the country’s president. Suharto, on the contrary, is radical, good in facts and figures, the Supreme Commander of the army, women have no place in his political career, and the nation’s only decision maker. Sukarno is a policy champion. He managed to establish policies to raise the nation’s image and prestige nationally and internationally. Suharto never invented a policy but has embedded in the system that he fashions. Sukarno’s built the country’s wealth but Suharto has created it as a “global public good”. It represents a country where you feed the cows and I sell the beef, but all to his personal benefits. Structurally, Indonesia is highly centralized from the neighborhood level to the central level. Indonesia’s management leadership is also unique. Their leadership is plagued with chronic Dutch disease, collusion, nepotism, and corruption. Their empires are plagued with war and criticism. For 22 years, Sukarno rule supreme as the country’s president. His leadership represents a symbol of American military success. Indonesia became the only South East Asian nation with mighty military power. For 32 years, Suharto also reigns supreme as the country’s president. Both have ruled the country under one central government who upholds Pancasila. But neither one is democratic. Sukarno is very authoritarian while Suharto is very totalitarian. Both like to equalize the society – Sukarno wants to equalize the society through socialism while Suharto wants to equalize the society through Islamization. Sukarno starts his leadership by tackling colonial war and poverty. Suharto also starts his leadership by tackling communist war and poverty and ends in tragic religious war but ends in tragic communist war and poverty. Both are failing physically and politically but want to rule for life. Sukarno’s career ends in military coup while Suharto’s ends in civilian coup. Due to their dictatorship, they are abandoned by the people. Indonesia also represents a classical example of a country that undergoes social, economic and political transformation. It transforms from colonialism to socialism to capitalism. Neither system is superior to the other. Neither one believes that their system has flaws. Sukarno died leaving the country united but Suharto resigned leaving the country in the bridge of disintegration.———— Publisher : American Book Publishing Co.ISBN : 1589821785Price : $19.95 (US)Purchase from:;;;;;; [email protected] : Caroline CovellAddress : RR1, Bay Rd. 66 Lombardy ON K0G 1L0 CATel. /Fax. : 613.283.1852 ([email protected])