Total spring enrollment increases from fall

Monique Jamerson

Although the overall head count has decreased due to December graduation, the number of new enrolled students has increased.

The total number of students attending Missouri Southern is down by 16 due to a large December graduating class.

“When there is a large graduating class in December, the result is a decrease in the number of students who attend the following semester,” said Richard McCallum, vice president of academic affairs.

The total number of credit hours has increased by 927 compared to last spring along with new freshman, out-of-state students and transfer students.

New freshman account for 61 students compared to last semester, out-of-state numbers are up by 56 and new transfer students have increased by 81 students.

“The numbers are strong, and we are very pleased,” McCallum said.

McCallum is not the only one pleased with the numbers

Not only is there an increase in the student body, but the online program is growing as well.

Derek Skaggs, director of enrollment services, said he is happy about the overall increase compared to last spring.

“What the increase tells me is that our scholarship and recruitment efforts really work,” Skaggs said.

He said he is particularly impressed with the out-of-state numbers.

The Board of Governors launched a scholarship for transfer students.

“The transfer scholarship that was launched and this has really helped with the increase with the transfer students,” McCallum said.

The recruitment efforts and the launch of the transfer scholarship are not the only incentives for new students.

“One of the new incentives that will be offered for freshman in the fall is the A+ program, also tuition has dropped but will not take effect until the fall semester as well,” McCallum said.

This trend is hoped to continue for the semesters to come.

“We are happy with the results and the incentives and hope the trend continues,” McCallum said.

Skaggs said he hopes to see some growth in the enrollment in the future.