Fairbanks says ‘good-bye’ to MSSU

Carl Fairbanks will leave Southern this week to be a park naturalist in Independence, MO.

Carl Fairbanks will leave Southern this week to be a park naturalist in Independence, MO.

Missouri Southern will be saying good-bye to Carla Fairbanks, resident director.

Fairbanks stepped down as residence director of McCormick Hall on Feb. 25. She plans to take a week vacation after her final day at Southern on Monday.

Afterward, she plans to start her new job on March 8 at the George Owen Natural Park where she would be working for the city of Independence, Mo. as a park naturalist in the nature center.

Basically she will be a natural resource interpreter.

Fairbanks has been a resident director since 2002. Before then she was a staff assistant for three years.

“What I would miss the most about this job is the students and my close friends and being woken up at two in the morning by the girls arguing over something petty,” Fairbanks said.

Just over a month ago, Fairbanks finished up her master’s degree in biology at Pittsburgh State University.

“This job is a quick transition,” she said. “I just graduated with my master’s a month ago and I am starting my new job in a couple of weeks.”

Although Fairbank’s presence is going to be missed, Jennica Sorensen, senior music major, will be interning as the new resident director for the rest of the year.

Fairbanks colleagues have shared their feelings about they are going to miss her.

“It’s a great opportunity for her,” said Adam Griffin, residence director for East Hall.

Griffin said he knew Fairbanks had a dream of operating her own nature center, but he hopes her new job will be a step in that direction.

“We are all happy for her as this is a great first step for her,” Griffin said.

Others agree, but say Fairbanks will leave some empty spot in their life.

“I am going to miss her cheerful smile domineer and how she has a cheerful word for anyone who stop bye no matter what time of the day” said Anna Johnson, senior music education major and staff assistant of McCormick Hall.

“[I’ll miss] the good meals she used to cook for us,” said Carol Carlin junior dental hygiene major and SA in East Hall.

Other students said this was a fond memory for them as well.

“She was always very welcoming and she brought the group together and she would always cook for us and let us use her kitchen,” Sorensen said.

“I will miss her sense of humor,” said Elizabeth Kluesner, sophomore nursing major and staff assistant of McCormick Hall.

Fairbanks would like to say, “Thank you for everything,” and she said she would truly miss everyone.