Students shed pounds as spring break rolls around corner

Cynthia Patrick

As spring break nears, many students are getting ready for the gym in order to look their best for vacation.

“In the Student Life Center, I am starting to see more people come and get fit for spring break,” said Emily Thomas, freshman radiology major. “Just the other day a lady came in and asked me for extra workout tips because she was going on a spring break trip.”

“I am running and lifting weights,” said Ryan Goodwin sophomore sociology major. “I am trying to get more tone because I am going to

the beach in South Padre Island.”

“I am running hills, doing a lot of crunches and most important reading a lot of books because I want to be physically and mentally ready [for break],” said Mario Smith, junior marketing major.

Students are starting to hire physical trainers, enroll in aerobics classes, buying and renting work out machines and watching what they eat.

“We tend to see more people come in when the weather is nice and spring break is approaching because they haven’t made their goal from News Years’ resolution,” said Cindy Webb, wellness coordinator for campus recreation.

Webb said students usually come in about twice per week, but many just come in spurts.

“They aren’t as consistent as they need to be to have a full workout,” she said.

Campus Recreation and Wellness offers aerobics classes to Southern students

every semester.

“Our aquacise classes have a lot more people enrolled this semester,” said Cortney Tate, junior heath promotion and wellness major and student coordinator for wellness and fitness.

Tate said many students also choose to enroll in other campus recreation activities.

“A lot of people are enrolled in our unlimited courses, where they have the chance to go to unlimited classes a week, in whatever interests them,” Tate said.

Campus Recreation and Wellness can be contacted at 625-9392.

Student Activities can be contacted by calling 625-9346.