Student Senater Meeting March 16th

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As a soon to be graduate, I take a certain amount of pride from being a part of Southern. But, after the Student Senate meeting on March 16, I might just take that back. Several organizations presented appropriations requests to the Senate Finance Committee in order to attend professional conferences. Each request was cut by well over half. I feel that these cuts were made because the groups could not explain there reasoning well enough, not because they would not benefit campus.

Any student representing Southern at a conference has been given a valuable opportunity. As we know, campus involvement has decreased. Sending one, two, or three people to a conference might change that. Attendance gives that person a sense of enthusiasm about their career choice that they then share with their colleagues. Their colleagues then become interested and start to attend group meetings. The campus organization grows, members are extended, and that effects everyone on campus.

How can one person determine that three people can’t make a difference? Isn’t this the opposite of what we are taught? Shouldn’t we want to extend opportunities for advancement to the few that want them?

I feel that the logic the Senate applied in their appropriations is faulty. Some study abroad trips have had five people in attendance. Should we cut such trips? By the Senates logic, we should.

So I ask you, the Senate, What are you going to do with $6000 you have left? Why are you saving it, when you will get another appropriation next semester? Why would you appropriate so small an amount that an organization president would have to tell their members that they couldn’t go? And how do you know, that attending that conference wouldn’t effect every member on campus in one way or another?

I am glad that I am not a Student Senator, because then, I would have to be ashamed of myself.