Show lacks perfect master of ceremonies

Jessica MacIntosh

Actors walked the red carpet in style, talking to every journalist known to man.

No wonder it takes them so many hours just to arrive at their seats.

On Feb. 27, the 77th annual Academy Awards went out with a bang (sort of). This year’s master of ceremonies, Chris Rock, walked out on stage and thought he was funny — not in my books.

Let’s just say some of the comments made about some of the actors were either somewhat funny or should not have been said.

An article on listed many of the comments said while at the show. “They like to say there’s over 100 stars out tonight,” Rock said. “No there’s not. There’s only four real stars. The rest are just popular people.”

He went on to say Clint Eastwood was the real star, and “Tobey Maguire is just a boy in tights.” I found it to be somewhat funny, but saying Eastwood is the only true star is not right. Everyone is a star at that awards show. If you weren’t you, would not be invited.

I was pleased with how some of the awards turned out. For Animated Feature Film, The Incredibles won the golden statue over Shrek 2 and Shark Tale. Thanks to Pixar and Disney for that. That statue can go right up on the mantle next to the other one for Finding Nemo.

Robin Williams, dressed in a black suit and wearing a dark pink shirt, presented the award for the animated feature category. Why isn’t he the master of ceremonies? He and Whoopi Goldberg would have been a hoot. In the MSN article, he talked about the category itself and cartoon characters.

“They tell me now that Spongebob is gay. Squarepants is not gay. Tight pants maybe. Spongebob Hot Pants? You go, girl,” he said.

The Incredibles took the award for Sound Editing as well.

The Aviator and Million Dollar Baby each grabbed four Oscars.

For Million Dollar Baby, Hilary Swank won for Best Actress, and Morgan Freeman outranked the rest of the nominees for Best Supporting Actor. Eastwood took Best Director, and the film outshined the others for Best Picture.

Cate Blanchett captivated the Academy for her role as Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator, which secured her as the Best Supporting Actress.

The film also won for Cinematography, Film Editing and Art Direction. It did not take the award for Best Actor, though.

That honor went to the Jamie Foxx, who portrayed Ray Charles in the movie Ray.

I knew he was going to grab that coveted golden statue. Although I have not seen the movie, I have seen enough of the previews and commercials on the television to know it needed to go to him. It was scary to watch him; he could really pass off as Charles.

During his acceptance speech, which was only supposed to be 30 seconds and ended up being 3:10, he brought Charles back to life when he started singing on stage.

“It was so much love that was hidden underneath the bottom of the earth in American and all over the world for Ray Charles,” Foxx said. “We cracked it open with this movie, and now it’s spilling out everywhere.”

The movie did also take the statue for Sound Mixing. It should have won for Best Picture, after hearing so much about it.

Finally I was so pleased to see Finding Neverland win Best Original Score. I really wished the film could have won for some of the other categories it was nominated for (seven nods), but it’s up to the Academy to decide that.

Johnny Depp’s performance was amazing and for the second year in a row it has been overlooked. He was nominated this year for Best Actor and last year for the same category for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. But, I know Foxx should have taken it for his accomplishments.

The awards show this year had winners from across the board. It will be interesting to see what is in store for next year. Another sweep like at the 76th annual Academy Awards, or another mixture?

Who knows?

We will just have to wait and see.