Semester turns out to be all right

Jessica MacIntosh - Associate Editor

Jessica MacIntosh – Associate Editor

Jessica MacIntosh

It’s finally the end.

And it’s the last Web Bytes column of the semester – don’t cry too loud.

The semester has had its ups and downs, its sad and happy memories and most of all, its crazy moments. I may have come back from a fun-filled semester in France, but returning to the staff felt good. It felt great to see all the familiar faces and meet new ones, too. As Associate Editor this semester, I will be moving up the totem pole to be the second in command – Executive Editor.

Thanks to all the staff members and editors who made The Chart look good. To T.J., the Editor-in-Chief, I may not have been here for a semester, but I sure felt like part of the staff even though I was not there. This semester has been wild and crazy, but fun. You worked hard with the staff you had and tried to keep your head above the clouds. Glad you are returning in the fall. Oh and by the way, Elmo knows where you live.

Nate, it will be a pleasure working along side of you next semester. And just to let you know, guitars and banjos are strictly prohibited in the office. Just kidding. Keep up the good work, and I will always remember you as the foot-long chili dog. Oh and we are officially called the nerd squad just because of our movie preview story.

Hey David, good luck with the wedding and I wish you and Emily the best of luck. I am certainly going to miss you wrestling that gator and the countless “Funny Thing About Life” columns. You kept the office on its toes, that’s for sure.

Adam, we are going to miss you and your case of camera gear. It stinks you just can’t come back and shoot photos for the paper.

Andy, I never really see you around anymore. You shoot the most awesome photos in the world and please continue that work. You will go far.

Hallie and Noelle, the sports duo, you were amazing. You worked so hard it even had me floored. Sports was well covered – great job. Noelle, I wish you luck with Crossroads: The Magazine. I know you can do it. Hallie, good to see you are coming back. Both of you, your work was greatly appreciated, and thanks for staying those long Wednesday nights to help out.

Randall, I am wishing you congratulations on the third place win at MCMA for Best Web Design. Thank you so much for taking it over. I have designed it for three semesters and let me tell you, I still miss working on it. That’s why it was called “my baby.” Let’s work to steal a first place next year in St. Louis.

Greg, thanks for all your work on State, and that’s including the numerous drives to Jefferson City.

Finally, thank you to the staff writers. You know who you are. The editors are grateful for everything you did from picking up last-minute stories to helping with the special supplement. Hope some of you are coming back in the fall.

Actually, a final thank you needs to go out to my family for believing in me and supporting me through everything I have done on the staff and in France. I love that you are always there for me through thick and through thin.

Mom, to tell you the truth, I have always enjoyed the drives to and from St. Charles. We never really have the mother-daughter bonding time as much anymore. I never thanked you for taking me to see A Very Long Engagement. It was fun. I look forward to the summer and spending the time scrap booking together.

Dad, you and I need to compare photos sometime. I have always thought of you as my fellow science fiction fan and friend. It will be a joy to finally see the ninth season of “Stargate SG-1” and season two of “Stargate: Atlantis.” I feel there is one time we can really bond – through sci-fi. It seems different watching them in my dorm than at home with you. Remember, Dad, “If anything goes squirrelly…”

Christopher, you may get on my nerves, but you are still my little brother. I am proud you are in high school. That makes me feel somewhat older. Just remember I am coming back for the summer, so beware. By the way, think “bathroom.”

And to my greyhounds, Sheriff and Sarge, I love you guys, even though you do tend to pester me more than Christopher. But you are dogs – I am glad we were able to give you a great home.

This is Jessica MacIntosh, signing off for the semester. See you in the fall.