STDs, mono spreadingat Southern

Monique Jamerson

Rumors of mononucleosis have surfaced at Missouri Southern, but the real problem is the number of students infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

There have been three cases of mono at Southern but 11 cases of STDs. Out of 117 STD tests, about 10 percent came back positive.

Jan Dipley, director of health services, said the concern is the spread of gonorrhea and not mono.

“There is nothing we can do about mono, nor do we know where it comes from because it has a long incubation period,” Dipley said. “But, there is something we can do about STDs.”

Dipley said there has also been an outbreak of syphilis in the boot-heel of Missouri that is moving westward. She said she keeps in contact with the health department, and they informed her of the outbreak and where it was headed.

Students at Southern know about the spread and tell reasons for it.

Tenisha Hawkins, sophomore psychology major, said there are a number of girls at Southern who are willing to do anything sexually for a guy.

“I have heard there are a number of students here that have STDs, but I have only come in contact with one,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins said she personally knew of someone who was infected by another student at Southern.

Lynita Bridges, freshman nursing major, said she heard STDs run rampant.

“There is nothing to do here which results in a higher proportion of sexual activities which causes the spread of STDs,” Bridges said.

Although Southern has experienced a number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases, there are ways to prevent it.

“Don’t trust blindly because a lot of girls do, and they believe anything a guy says and they end up getting caught with an STD,” Dipley said.

Dipley said abstinence prevents diseases, and, if not abstinence, the use of protection will help prevent infection.

“Girls, tell the guys to use protection or just say no,” Dipley said.

She said when it comes to one’s body students have to take extra precautions.