Evan Colitz Letter in poor taste

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To the editors and readership of The Chart:

As an MSSU Alum (class of 04), it saddens me to write this letter. I do so in response to Mr. Evan Colitz’s recent letter decrying the Christian subculture of the Joplin area. While I agree with Mr. Colitz’s condemnations, particularly of the ridiculous over-commercialization of the faith, I must say I find his letter in poor taste. Were the shoe on the other foot, were he a Christian writing about the mystifying practices of Muslims or Jews, with the same contumelious attitude-I dare say his letter would not have been printed.

Why is it, then, acceptable that someone should be allowed to insult Christians, or begrudge them the (admittedly audacious) way in which they display their beliefs? I understand there is such a thing as the freedom of speech, but there are also such things as decorum and civility. Sadly, in printing this needless and pointless polemic, The Chart has shown its readership that it possesses neither in very great measure.


A.P. TaylorSaint Louis, MissouriClass of 04