Decision unclear after choice is made

T.J. Gerlach - Senior Editor

T.J. Gerlach – Senior Editor

T.J. Gerlach

Well, here we are again. The end of the academic year and the end of another editor’s stead in charge of The Chart.

When I became Editor-in-Chief in the fall, I knew I had to contain an uncontrollable beast and pull together the fragments of a newspaper gone ragged.

The hardships I faced included having one of the smallest staffs The Chart has had in recent years, being without a sports editor and working with a relatively inexperienced staff.

Thanks to my small, but dedicated, staff we ironed out the kinks.

In the spring semester, the staff grew a little, though many were still inexperienced. I have to thank all my editors this semester who worked so hard helping to make sure I did not lose my mind in the chaos of the newsroom. And I have to thank my friends and family who helped keep me sane when my editors could not.

Also, thank you to all my instructors, especially this year, who have been so understanding.

Throughout it all, I strived to put together the best product for our readers. Unfortunately, the cards I was dealt coming in left me playing a hand any normal person would have folded on. But I like challenges, even when pressured from all sides. I may not have won the game, but I’m confident I won more than my fair share of the hands.

I will always treasure this experience, as anyone would treasure such a leadership role.

I have decided not to return as Editor-in-Chief next year even though I am not graduating.

Instead, I will focus more on academics. It took me many a long hour to figure out if I would still serve on The Chart next semester, especially after powers that be yielded to the unwise and certain decisions were made.

For days, I questioned whether returning would be beneficial or just more unneeded stress. I have other options as far as gaining newspaper experience before I graduate. In the process, I consulted friends and lost sleep, well part of that is the weather patterns in my dorm room.

But after many hours of deliberation and consultation I have drawn upon the conclusion I feel best suits my intentions. I have decided I will return to The Chart serve as Senior Editor and will most likely cover sports, but I am done with the long nights spent laboring to finish the weekly edition.

So those who fear the newspaper is not complete without my words and my guidance can rest assured, but those who believe I should go will not have long to wait.

I leave my position now with the paper in better shape than it was given to me, and I hope against my better judgment it stays together when I take my hands off the controls.

For The Chart, this is T.J. Gerlach, signing off.