College Football Playoff implications and predictions

College Football Playoff implications and predictions

As we enter week 10 of college football I will analyze each of the 12 teams that I think still have a chance to earn one of the four desired positions in the CFP and then I will give you my prediction for who finishes in the top four.

Alabama: Best team in college football and undefeated. Need I say more? Also in the conference that features the most ranked teams. Tua Tagovailoa is the best player in college football as well. Best win: 45-23 v.s. Texas A&M.

Clemson: They have a weak schedule. But they are undefeated. If they beat Boston College they will win out. The Tigers deserve the least credit of all CFP caliber teams because of their weak schedule. Best win: 28-26 v.s. A&M. 

Notre Dame: The “hiding irish”. Notre Dame hides from competition. In the 1A independents they only play two real football teams a year. They have no conference championship. They do have two quality wins. Best win: 24-17 v.s. Michigan.

LSU: The underdog Tigers. They have pulled out three big wins as an underdog against Miami, Auburn, and Georgia. They lost to Florida and LSU was the higher ranked team. Expect a good game against Alabama this week, where the Tigers will be 14 point underdogs. Best win: 36-16 v.s. Georgia. 

Michigan: The Wolverines are in trouble. They still have to play Penn State this weekend, and have to finish the season in Columbus against the Buckeyes. Can they win them both? If they lose even one, they will surely be out of the CFP. Two big wins and they just might be in. Best win: 38-13 v.s. Wisconsin.

Georgia: Tough loss two weeks ago against LSU. They bounced back last week against Florida. Kentucky will be the third straight ranked opponent they’ve faced. The Bulldogs face the risk of missing the CFP with a loss on the road Saturday. They will cruise to season’s end with a win. Best win: 36-17 v.s. Florida.

Oklahoma: Only loss coming to rival Texas. They have the most dangerous offense as a whole. They have possibly been the second most dominant team in victories, behind Alabama. Haven’t beaten any top tier teams yet. Best win: 37-27 v.s. Iowa State, or 28-21 v.s. Army.

Washington State: The Cougars are on thin ice. Their only loss is to a mediocre USC team. That hasn’t been ranked since week 3. And they were never ranked higher than 15. They have quality wins against Oregon and Stanford though. In a pretty weak Pac 12 conference. Best win: 34-20 v.s. Oregon.

Kentucky: What a shocker. Is this college basketball? Wins over solid teams like Florida, Mississippi State, and Missouri. Loss comes against Texas A&M. The Wildcats have a chance to get their ticket into the CFP Saturday against Georgia. Best win: 27-16 v.s. Florida.

Ohio State: Drama to start the season. Embarrassing loss to Purdue. The Buckeyes can resurrect their season by winning out and finishing the season with a big win over rival Wolverines. Best win: 27-26 v.s. Penn State.

Central Florida: Undefeated in their last 20 games, including a bowl victory over Auburn. They play the worst schedule of all teams with CFP implications. Expect them to be riding a 24 game winning streak at the end of the regular season. Best win: 45-14 v.s. Pitt. 

West Virginia: Loss against 4-3 Iowa State doesn’t look good. They must win out to stand a chance. They still have to go through the Longhorns this weekend, and then the Sooners to end the season. Doesn’t look good for the Mountaineers. Best win: 42-34 v.s. Texas Tech. 

Earlier in the year I predicted the CFP to look like so: 1. Alabama, 2. Oklahoma, 3. Ohio State, 4. Wisconsin

After Wisconsin turning into a bunch of cheese heads it looks like so: 1. Alabama 13-0, 2. Clemson 13-0, 3. Ohio State 12-1, 4. Oklahoma 12-1

Alabama will win out and beat Georgia in their conference championship. Clemson will win out and beat Virginia in their conference championship. Ohio State will take down Michigan to finish the season and jump many teams. They will beat Northwestern or Iowa in their conference championship. Oklahoma wins out. And they beat West Virginia to finish the season and the next week in the conference championship. 

Washington State will also finish 12-1, but due to their weaker conference they miss out on the CFP. Notre Dame will lose to Northwestern this weekend which will cause them to miss the CFP despite an 11-1 finish. UCF finishes the season undefeated and wins their conference championship against Houston, but gets snubbed of a CFP spot due to weakness of schedule yet again. Georgia’s SEC championship loss to Alabama kicks them out. LSU’s loss to Bama this weekend will cause them to miss the SEC championship as well as the playoffs. Kentucky’s loss to Georgia this weekend will cause them to miss the SEC championship as well as the playoffs. Michigan will lose to Penn State this weekend as well as to the Buckeyes to end the season. Causing them to miss the Big 10 championship as well as the playoffs with a 9-3 finish. Back-to-back losses to Oklahoma causes West Virginia to miss out.