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Editor-in-chief/ A&E editor:

You are invited to participate in our entertainment review program thatprovides valuable content to your newspaper staff for editorial review.

The COLLEGE NEWSPAPER NETWORK (not affiliated with the College PublisherNetwork or New Digital Group) is a new company that provides over 1,000 college & universitynewspapers throughout the United States with entertainment content foreditorial review by your newspaper’s Arts and Entertainment critic. Inshort, if you can’t make it to the Preview Screening, we bring the “redcarpet” to you, along with setting up interviews and furnishing presskits.

To become a member visit us online: www.collegenewspapernetwork.com.Complete the form and we’ll send you more information on this FREE andeasy service to college newspapers. No tear sheets to mail us. We doall the work to get the entertainment (film, music, TV, video game) infront of you for review.

We look forward to having your college newspaper affiliated with theCOLLEGE NEWSPAPER NETWORK and bringing you film, music, television, andvideo game releases from the world’s leading entertainment companies(Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Sony, BMG, Universal/NBC, Viacom, Trymedia,EA, Atari, etc.)

Another benefit about belonging to the COLLEGE NEWSPAPER NETWORK is ourjob-posting database. It features employment opportunities with citynewspapers and television network affiliates across the U.S. forgraduating newspaper staff members who want to take their collegejournalism experience to the next level.

Lastly, the College Newspaper Network will never sell your contact info,send junk email or spam, or place third party banners on emails to anyof our college newspaper members.

We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity for your newspaperand join the 1000+ college newspapers in the COLLEGE NEWSPAPERNETWORK. You may contact me with questions any time. Yes, it’s totallyfree and always will be.

Best Regards,

Garry DinnermanExecutive [email protected]