J-Mac’s Corner…

Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh

Another year has begun for The Chart, and a completely different person taking on the job of the column in the Diversions section.

OK, taking on this task is going to be a feat of its own, but hey, I can certainly handle it.

As my first order of column business, the Friday night event with Jon Heder and Aaron Ruell, most commonly know as Napoleon and Kip Dynamite from the hit movie Napoleon Dynamite. This had to be the most interesting thing I have ever been to despite the fact I really did not find the movie an Oscar-winning masterpiece.

Don’t ask why; it mostly is because my wonderful parents sat me down and kind of made me watch the movie. I just wanted the chance to see an actor come to the campus, and what an opportunity it really turned out to be.

Having now officially met the two guys, I can now say I have stood beside someone other than a St. Louis Cardinals player. With a photo and autographs as proof, I surprised my friends and family. I was even surprised how super-nice the guys were. It’s not everyday someone runs into easy-to-talk-to actors.

I personally thought the interview time was unprepared and crazy just like the life of Napoleon Dynamite. At times, I had trouble hearing due to the microphone problems. The repetitive questions became occasionally annoying, as well as the repetitive quoting of the movie. I think we have all made it clear about the tater tots and the chapstick.

Now, for my next order of business as the new columnist for the Diversions section, I admit to becoming lost in Leggett & Platt Athletic Center even as a senior. Though I have Fitness Walking in the Leggett & Platt gym itself, I do also have Lifetime Wellness, which is where I was completely lost in trying to find the classroom.

Why is it the classrooms have to be in the deepest, darkest part of that huge building? Someone might as well place me in Azkaban prison and leave me there to go insane. The signs may have helped, but I still was lost after the first week of school. It’s literally over the river and through the woods just to go to class twice a week. Why can’t things be easier?

The first column is always the hardest, but it will become easier as the thoughts come to my head. Everyone had their time with “A Funny Thing About Life;” I am pleased to present a new set of ideas in “J-Mac’s Corner.”