Thanks to you

Thanks to you

Trey Vaughan sports editor

Thanks to you. Thanks to you I’ve had an illustrious college career. My four years – well this is my fourth year but since I graduate in December it’s only been 3 and a half – of working in the communication department here at Missouri Southern have been nothing shy of special. I cannot thank you enough. 

That’s right, I thank you. If you’re reading this, you are a part of my success and absolutely amazing four (three and a half, but four is much easier to type) year career at MSSU. As a reader of my columns, my gamers of these teams here at MSSU, my predictions, and many other things, you have been a part of my unforgettable college career.

 I’ve been a journalist for two plus years here at MSSU, a play-by-play/color broadcaster for what would be nearly four full years, and I have had my own sports talk show on this campus for nearly two full years. 

If you’re reading this, thank you for being a part of something that I will cherish forever. 

Last Saturday I broadcasted my last Lions football game on 88.7 KXMS. As the game came to a close and I watched the clock tick down towards 0.0 I got emotional. I started choking up as I began thinking about how I would never be in that booth again as an MSSU student broadcaster. I started thanking those who gave me the opportunity to be up there for four season of MSSU football, I thanked those who were a part of my broadcasts each year. 

Once again, thanks to Jasmine Jeffery, Nick Kaufmann, Kelvin Duley II, Myles Nabors, and last but not least Mitch Carney. I broadcasted some amazing football games with some amazing people and I am so thankful for that. 

Today, on November 14, 2018 I am typing my very last ‘Nothin’ but Treys’ in The Chart office at Missouri Southern. This is my very last issue of The Chart. The very last one, ever. I will never again put out another two, three, or even four page sports section for The Chart again in my life.

 Thanks to Kelvin again for being the start I needed in the newspaper business. I wouldn’t have ever started my newspaper career if I hadn’t reached out to Kelvin toward the end of my freshman year. Kelvin taught me some of the best things I know. The man got me started in everything there is to do with a newspaper. I can’t think him enough. He’s always been a man I can count on for anything. 

Thanks to Olive Sullivan. Olive was the adviser of The Chart when I first joined. She and Kelvin came to me at the end of my sophomore year and requested that I become the sports editor of the campus newspaper for the coming year. She encouraged me to take a position that I did not feel comfortable taking on, I was never one to take charge and I wasn’t ready to take charge of the sports section of this newspaper.

Thanks to Bob Foos for being a wonderful adviser as well as friend. Bob and I had many late nights in this office wrapping up the newspaper and the most insane hours of night sometimes. Bob taught me a lot about design, and being an editor. Bob and I even played some fun games of pool over in the Student Life Center on campus, prior to our trip to the MCMA’s in St. Charles, Mo. Pretty sure he beat me in every game too. He later gave me a book about how to play pool. I think that was a shot at my poor performance against him. I’ll have to get him back soon after studying up on his book. He also went with us on a fun trip to the MIAA postseason tournament in Kansas City, Mo. 

Again, thanks to Mitch Carney for being a reliable and very helpful writer this semester for me. Mitch and I have worked together a lot the past year and a half and he has been reliable and helpful the entire time. He’s a little annoying, and sometimes I can’t stand the kid, but he’s great. I thank him for always being a big help. Oh, and I hope you like this buddy, even though you annoy the crap out of me, I love you! If you have questions, ask Mitch. 

Lastly, thanks to Kaylea Hutson-Miller. She has came in this semester to a mess. I say that because we have now had our third adviser in as many years. She is joining a staff that has lost over half of its experienced designers/editors. It is a young staff, an inexperienced staff, and to add to it, I will be leaving after this issue. She does so much for this newspaper – honestly more than she should – but she loves doing it and she is determined to make this newspaper better and to give it that consistency it has lacked. Leaving here at midnight to drive an hour back to Grove should say enough about this hardworking woman, all of this while taking care of her own paper, The Grove Sun. She also designs a lot of pages for us here on Wednesday nights, something that is not necessarily in her job description. I’m still angry Kaylea. If you have questions just ask her. 

Thanks to Roderick Earvin for being a great co-host on T N’ R Sports on 88.7 KXMS. Thanks to Mitch Carney once again, this time for being a part of our show The Jungle, on 88.7 KXMS this semester. I plan to continue the show with him in the future as well.

Thanks to my girlfriend Elaine Parrigon for being a great support system over the past two years. She has always been there for me through everything. I don’t know how she does it. I’m very busy and I’m constantly having to go do things without her and take time away from us hanging out. I can’t say enough to thank her. She has spent countless nights in this office just watching me work – something she is doing right now – just so that way she can be at my side and not home alone. She has been a huge supporter of my radio shows, constantly watching them and commenting on our live feeds. She has supported me every step of the way, and always will. I thank her for that. Congratulations to her, or us, she has stuck with me for two years next Tuesday, as we celebrate two years on November 20th. 

Thanks to my mother for always supporting me as well. She has believed in me more than anyone else in this world. She has made me believe in myself. She has came to nearly every single home football game to listen to me broadcast, as well as the basketball games. She can’t hear me from Nowata, Oklahoma so she just drives to Joplin so that way she can listen to me. That has been huge. She has kept every single paper that I have had a story in since I began working for The Chart, as well as joining my radio shows to leave comments and show me she has listened to the show. 

Thanks to everyone back home, all of the family and friends from Nowata, Oklahoma, and Elk City, Kansas. All of you have been a huge part in my success. I love each and every one of you. You guys have been great. 

Thanks to this communications department for helping me become exactly what I want to be. This has been my home away from home for three and a half years now and it will always hold a special place in my heart. College has been absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be for such an important part of life. 

Thanks to Missouri Southern. Even after graduation, I will always be a Lion! I will walk across the stage with tears in my eyes just like I have now. 

Thanks to you, I look forward to having a wonderful career.