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Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh

Remember when we were all children, sitting comfortably in front of the television and watching our favorite shows, especially on Nickelodeon. Beyond the Saturday morning cartoons, there were shows that made their way to the little screen and then disappeared. These shows became so popular with people that nowadays they are asking, “Where are they now?”

Since the release of the DVD, more and more classic shows are hitting the shelves. This includes shows you would have never even heard of. But, with that in mind, I think there are some shows that really need to either be brought back to television or released on DVD.

Number one: I think one show that really stood out on the list of Nickelodeon shows was “Are You Afraid of the Dark.” One of the original SNick shows on Saturday nights featured a group called “The Midnight Society” which would sit around a campfire telling scary stories. “Goosebumps” would run in fear if it ever faced this teen-geared show. I think it was an honor just to be able to say I could stay up late on a Saturday night as a young teen and watch this show. Nickelodeon needs to bring the campfire tales back from the dead and also release it to DVD.

Number two: Who says Nickelodeon should not bring back game shows, too? “Legends of the Hidden Temple” with Olmec, the big talking stone head, had me on the edge of my seat, rooting for my favorite team just based on what color they were.

I remember the moat crossing that determines which teams go onto the next round: Steps of Knowledge. Then there were the Temple games and soon after the only team left would compete in the Temple Run, where they would have to find the three golden monkey pieces without running into the Temple Guards. How exciting. I can see them making the show again, but having them on DVD would be awesome. I am all about reliving the memories.

Number three: Who can say they have fallen in love with “Doug?” Once you hear the theme song on television, you know it’s Doug and his fine fellow friend, Porkchop. The whole idea of the show was to see inside the mind of the 11-year-old character through his journal.

Doug, Skeeter Valentine and his other friends like his neighbor, Mr. Dink, hung out not only at school in Bluffington, but gathered at the Honker Burger for a bite to eat. He had only two things on his mind, Patti Mayonnaise and the rock group “The Beets,” while at the same time had to dodge the town bully, Roger Klotz. Beyond school, he had to deal with life at home with his melodramatic sister, Judy Funnie. Just remember, “oooo weee ooo, killer tofu.”

And number four: “Rocko’s Modern Life” told the story of a wallaby who moves to O-Town with his dog, Spunky. He, with his friends, Heffer, a steer raised by wolves, and Filbert, the upset turtle, would run into misadventures and problems. His neighbor, Ed Bighead, hated having him next door. Rocko looked up to one other person for guidance although he may have been a comic book hero- Really, Really Big Man. Oh, and you must remember his favorite show is “The Fatheads.”

It’s just too funny to see.

Nickelodeon has had so many shows come and go. To see them on DVD would be amazing.