Beer bottles thrown after fights break out



10:11 p.m.

A student contacted the Department of Public Safety in reference to a theft in lot 25. The student reported the gas was gone in her vehicle. She attempted to start the vehicle, but it would not. There were no signs of a fuel leak nor was any damage found. The tank had been half full the night before.



2:45 a.m.

DPS officers were dispatched to the residence hall side of campus in reference to various fights. The Joplin Police Department was called for backup. Around 80 persons were seen in the vicinity. Officers observed and tried to prevent several fights from starting.

Property Destruction


2:47 a.m.

While in response to a disturbance near the residence halls, an officer parked the DPS vehicle to aid a student assistant. When the officer returned, he found three dents in the vehicle and a beer bottle placed on top. The dents were from thrown beer bottles.

Property Destruction


5:30 p.m.

A DPS officer was dispatched after another officer reported a busted windshield in lot 17. The owner of the vehicle reported her vehicle was keyed and her hub caps had also been stolen. A report was filed with the JPD.