Global giant comes to town offering more than coffee

Carissa Parks

On June 14, Starbucks coffee shop on 3rd Street and Range Line Road opened its doors.

Debby Nelms, manager, said Starbucks provides for their customers, employees and the communities in ways some other companies do not.

Starbucks made the list in Fortune magazine’s “100 best places to work.”

“We ranked third most admired company in the nation because part time employees [or partners] are eligible for health benefits,” Nelms said.

Starbucks is a conglomerate that offers a wide variety of coffees, frozen drinks, teas from its subsidiary company Tazo Tea Co., specialty drinks and appliances such as coffee machines and grinders. The company also offers an assortment of music produced by its own label, Hear Music, which is only sold in Starbucks stores.

Nelms said Starbucks’ atmosphere is like a “third place.”

“Everyone has their home, the first place, work is the second and a third place where people can go to hang out and not worry about anything,” Nelms said.

“People read, do homework, talk with each other, play checkers…it’s a very relaxing atmosphere.”

Tandra Powell, Missouri Southern alumna, and Amy Kennedy, freshman general studies major, said they enjoy the product and atmosphere Starbucks provides.

Powell said the cost of Starbucks is “comparable” to the local coffee shops.

Nationally and locally, the company donates money, goods and services to many charities and causes around the world.

Nelms said Starbucks is the first company to commit to a long-term agreement for the Hurricane Relief Effort and donated $5 million to the cause.

“The employees in New Orleans are being relocated to other stores in the country temporarily so they don’t lose benefits and still have income,” Nelms said

“I’m very proud of this company.”

Nelms said they work with the United Way, Alzheimer’s Walk, Big Brothers Big Sisters and donate pastries to the Capstone House

“It’s not just a national responsibility; it’s a responsibility here in this community as well,” Nelms said.

The location has been successful.

“Joplin has welcomed us with open arms,” Nelms said.