DPS officer finds open gas door on vehicle



4:30 p.m.

A staff member contacted the Department of Public Safety in reference to an assault that occurred earlier that day. She stated she had been approached by a student inside the library, complaining about a scheduling conflict. After a brief discussion, the student took the tips of his fingers and struck the staff member three times in the chest. She said she felt threatened and insulted by the student. JPD was notified.

Property Destruction


11:25 p.m.

While doing a security check in Matthews Hall, a DPS officer noticed a vending machine had been rocked from its original location. It also appeared someone had attempted to break the front window to gain access. However, it did not appear access was gained.

Fire Alarm


12:22 a.m.

A DPS officer noticed a strobe on Reynolds Hall indicating a fire alarm was activated. The officer also noticed a similar strobe on the Anderson Justice Center. A check found a sensor was falsely activated, and the system could not be reset because of this. The alarm was silenced, and maintenance was contacted.



2:04 a.m.

On a routine check of lot 14, a DPS officer found a car with its gas door opened. The gas cap had been removed, indicating someone had attempted to remove gas from the car. It was not possible to determine if any gas had been taken.