Senate begins first meeting, appoints three new senators

Eric Norris - Student Senate President

Eric Norris – Student Senate President

Parker Willis

Money was on the minds of senators as Student Senate began its first official meeting of the semester Sept. 21 by discussing the $12,337 left over from last semester.

“I know $12,000 sounds like a lot right now, but when we get into November and December, that money is not going to be there,” said Garrison Earnest, Senate treasurer. “Let’s be wise with our money. If we want to do any kind of projects or anything we’re going to have to hold back some money.”

Eric Norris, Senate president, brought up the first order of business, appointing a parliamentarian. Norris brought forward Hector Amaya, sophomore senator, who won the position with a unanimous vote.

The vote was a ballot vote, which is new to Senate this year.

Norris said the ballot vote will be used this year for all special elections and allocations to avoid putting anyone in a tough position.

Greg Salzer, Senate vice president, brought a motion forward to approve a resolution on finance committee appointments, which passed.

Norris turned the floor over to the committee reports from the committees that have already been in action.

The financial aid committee reported 1,200 students were on financial aid probation or suspension at Missouri Southern.

“But fortunately most of them were taken care of by the people in the finance department,” Salzer said.

Salzer brought up the positions available on committees with empty seats.

The vacancy committee brought three candidates forward who wanted to be on senate. The students were junior Crystal Bush, freshman Jacqueline Jimenez and senior Emeli Jimenez. The senate voted on the candidates and all three were elected as voting members.

Then Salzer brought up a resolution that was passed last semester, which would allow for more handicap parking spots on campus. Salzer said after the meeting he would talk with anyone who wanted to be part of that committee to help get a game plan started on how to solve the problem.

Then Norris brought forward a resolution that would vow support of the Senate to the recreation center. The resolution was voted on and passed.

Norris also brought forward a resolution for the electronic message board, however the resolution was tabled.

Then Norris talked about appropriating $1,500 to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund. The money will be brought forward next week.

A committee was formed for Katrina relief and freshman senator John Carr was appointed head of the committee.

During the meeting there were 25 present, two excused and eight unexcused senators. The following senators were unexcused.

Amanda Powell, Rhonda Wheeler, Kristiyan Hristov, Liz Bartholet, Truman Yearly, Dan Fedewa, Divine Aquino and Nahal Chitsazan.