Senators await new rules on floor

Parker Willis

Student Senate began its year with and free food for the freshman and sophomore filled room Wednesday night at Billingsly.

Senate President Eric Norris began the meeting by telling the group how happy he was to see the “good turnout” for the Senate’s picnic, its first unofficial meeting of the year.

Then Norris handed the floor to Adam Griffin, Senate advisor.

“I’m totally confident of the executive staff,” he said. “They have all been on the Senate for a while and they know how it runs.”

Norris then went on to say how important it was for the new senators to, “find out what needs to be done on campus and bring it to us.”

Norris said his attention is more on the “campus as a whole this year.”

His biggest goals this semester are the recreation center and the electronic marquees on Newman Road because they will benefit all Missouri Southern students.

Then the four officers had their turn at introducing themselves and explaining which procedures were going to change this year and how important it was for the new senators to attend every meeting.

Senate treasurer Garrison Earnest focused on the new procedures for the finance committee and how to deal with the different groups that ask the Senate for money.

Griffin talked about parliamentary procedure and how the new senators might not be comfortable with speaking up at first.

“Everyone will get the hang of it and everything will run a lot smoother after the first few weeks,” he said.

Several of the newer senators are eager to get involved and already have plans for the Senate in the future.

“It’s an important thing to be

involved in to make a difference on campus and to represent my clubs,” said Daniel Boyer Jr., freshman senator.

Boyer is part of the Straight and Gay Alliance, the Campus Activities Board, French Club and the International Business club.

There were 19 senators and four officers present at the picnic.

Other points made at the picnic were the $2,000 rollover from last year and the fact the budget is slightly higher than last year’s.