Celebración brings in Mexican culture

Sarah Wallace, junior secondary education major (left), sings You Say It Best with Amanda Powell, senior secondary education major.

Sarah Wallace, junior secondary education major (left), sings “You Say It Best” with Amanda Powell, senior secondary education major.

Nate Billings

Featuring performances from students, classes and instructors, the second-annual Celebración was a Spanish fiesta Oct. 17.

“I think this is a great opportunity for other people to experience a culture in a positive way,” said Angela Foster, senior bio-chemistry and Spanish major.

Foster performed a monologue by Sandra Cisnernos during the event.

She had performed in the first Celebración and was looking forward to this year’s performance.

Another student said he was looking forward to performing as well.

“I feel it’s important to have an event like this because it allows the student body to experience a culture they may or may not be able to experience first hand,” said Hobie Brown, sophomore mass communications major.

Brown played the guitar for Dr. Rosa-Marie Mejia’s Spanish classes.

The classes performed choral pieces entitled, “Los Meses del Año” and “La Finia del Abuelo.”

He said he was not nervous and hoped the audience would enjoy the show.

The show, however, did not get started on its own.

Through the Spanish Club and the work of Norman Carr, senior speech and theater education major, the show was produced.

Carr worked as the production manager.

“It was nerve racking to begin with,” he said. “But, things seemed to happen naturally.”

Carr worked on the production for more than two months.

“Getting the actors together was the hardest part,” he said.

He said he appreciated all the work the Spanish Club and Spanish classes put into the production.

Also included in the production was the Mexican Folklorico dance class.

Whitney Leavens, junior international business and Spanish major, is in the class.

“It was really fun,” she said. “It was a good opportunity to demonstrate what we’ve learned in the dance class. I hope the audience enjoyed it.”

The women in the dance class wore flowers in their hair and brightly colored skirts in contrast to their white tops. They also wore heavy shoes traditional of the dancers.

“I hope it was fun and colorful and they remember it that way,” Leavens said.

The audience members also seemed to enjoy the show.

“It was good,” said Lacey Eagleshield, freshman graphic arts major. “I liked seeing my teacher dance.”

Eagleshield said he event allowed her to have fun and experience a different culture at the same time.

Another student agreed with her, but had other reasons for liking the performance.

“I liked the singing and dancing,” said Whitney Fair, freshman graphic arts major. “The colorful costumes were very nice.”

Fair said he didn’t expect the costumes to be as full as they were.

He also said the event brought more to the students than entertainment.

“It’s important to be exposed a little bit of the culture so everyone knows it’s a part of our lives and world,” Fair said.

Carr said he wanted the culture to show in his work.

“Really, all I wanted to do is be entertained, but I definitely want them to come out with an appreciated for culture and art,” he said.

Carr said he would like to thank the people who worked on Celebración and performed in it as well.

“I appreciate everyone who came out,” he said.

Leslie Parker, instructor of Spanish and advisor to Spanish Club, said she was glad for Carr’s work.

“We thank all the students who came out and especially Norman for all his hard work,” she said.

During the event, the Spanish Club sold T-shirts with all proceeds going to a Hurricane Katrina relief fund.

Celebración was held in Taylor Auditorium.

Around 200 people came to see it.