Editor encourages students to analyze life choices

Randall Benson - Online Editor

Randall Benson – Online Editor

Randall Benson

In the course of the last year and a half I have faithfully brought you, our readers, The Chart, the online version. It is now time for me to leave.

I do not want this to be the typical “Chart Column of Resignation.” Therefore, I am going to tell you why I am leaving. Then I will move onto a better topic.

My causes for relinquishing my duties in The Chart are simple: I am working part-time at Great Expectations Christian bookstore, I am production manager for another newspaper called The Encourager, I am a youth pastor, I am full time at Missouri Southern and I am getting married in May. Plainly said, I do not have the time.

It has been a blessing to work on The Chart. The knowledge I have gained has helped me beyond my college career.

The truth of the matter is I do not have time to do what God wants me to do. I have not been spending time with God either.

It is true. I am not perfect because no one is.

As a Christian, I strive to be like the only perfect person ever to walk this Earth, Jesus Christ.

I do not say this to preach at you. Most of you get that from your stereotyped Christians you are friends with or you see on television. The reality is I have not had the greatest life over the last few months.

The reason is not because of The Chart, but just that I am a very busy man.

I enjoyed doing what I do now for work before my days of excessive work and events that I am required to attend and often work. I was warned that this would probably happen, but I thought I could avoid it. I was wrong.

People often say, “Why is God doing this to me?”

I have learned that God does not create confusion, nor does He directly cause pain in our lives.

Humans are the ones that cause confusion and often pain. However, I myself have been guilty of accusing God for my confusion and stress. I am not saying being a Christian is easy, but there are options of ease in being a Christian.

We have free will. I choose whether I want to follow the way Jesus would do something or I choose not to.

If I choose to follow, I will make it through. If I choose not to, then the problems that follow are mere consequences of my decision to do things my own way, not to mention I may not make it through.

I tell you this for one reason. Please make your decision wisely.

I know what I say sounds religious, but it is not. This is about spending time with Jesus, and knowing Him in a relationship.

It is about knowing how Jesus would deal with the situation, and not about going to church every Sunday.

There are only two options you can choose, God’s way or the highway.

Yes, that is a harsh deduction, but it is a true one.

I do not care whether you accept what I say, but I beg of you as my last opportunity to speak to you from The Chart that you will make your decision to follow Jesus.

Whatever your decision is, I am praying for you.

Thank you all my friends and faculty who have helped me while working for The Chart.