Officer discovers missing reserved parking sign

Vehicle Accident


3 p.m.

A Department of Public Safety officer was contacted in reference to a hit and run accident. A student said he parked his car on lot 21 at midnight. When he went out to it at 2:55 p.m., he found someone had hit his car. There was damage to the right rear quarter panel. Beside the car, some orange plastic was found, which appeared to be a marker light from another car.



2:45 p.m.

A DPS officer was contacted in reference to a missing item. A student had left her cell phone on the bench outside Webster Hall. She said she was told a female picked it up to turn it into lost and found. The student called her phone several times, but no one answered. She checked several lost and founds, but had been unable to locate it. It was later found in the Learning Center.



5:15 p.m.

A DPS officer was called to lot 11 in reference to a suspicious note on a car. The student returned to her car after work in the library and found an unsigned note on the windshield. The note stated the writer was in love with the student. The note had been typed on a computer.



12:23 a.m.

While on patrol, a DPS officer observed a reserved parking sign was missing from its post in front of Stegge Hall. The sign appeared to have been pulled from the post. The sign could not be located in the area.