Students seek transportation alternatives

Pablo Zakovan, senior business administration major, rides his bike to class from the residence halls.

Pablo Zakovan, senior business administration major, rides his bike to class from the residence halls.

Cynthia Patrick

Students at Southern are beginning to feel the effect of Hurricane Katrina and Rita through rising gas prices.

With gas prices being at their all time high, it causes problems for many college students. Some Missouri Southern students are riding bikes, roller blading and walking to class to prevent the usage of gas.

“I think gas prices are getting ridiculous,” said Aaron Davis, freshman personal finance planning major, “I have to ride my bike to prevent from spending more money on gas and using what I have in my tank.”

Others turn to their own two feet.

“I walk to class and try not to go to too many places,” said Tristan Campbell, freshman undecided major. “This helps me save most of my gas and save money in my pocket. It also interferes with things I really want to do like go home every weekend.”

Some students find the prices tough on their wallets.

“It’s hard because I am in school and I don’t have a job,” said Ricky Hughes, sophomore business marketing major. “I have been riding my bike to class and it has helped me save at least $10 a week on gas.”

Southern students are also making the sacrifice of not going home to prevent using their vehicles because of the high price of gas.

“I haven’t gone home in a long time,” said Abbie Cooper, sophomore early childhood/elementary education major.

Others agree they cannot go home enough.

“It sucks,” said Nick Valade, freshman chemistry major. “It’s really ridiculous how it adds up going back and forth from here to home.”

“It will affect me a lot after football season because I live like four hours away and that adds up,” Hughes said.

However, other Southern students are not as affected by the high prices.

“I think the prices are unreasonable,” said John Hansen freshman CIS major. “But I am not worried about it right now because I don’t have to pay for my gas. My parents pay for it.”

“Well I don’t have to pay for gas,” said Peter Burton, freshman undecided major. “But I do have a gas card that my parents gave me and I don’t have to drive everywhere my friends and I take turns driving.”