Senate discusses tightening budget

Parker Willis

With only two meetings left in the semester, Student Senate remains selective about its finances.

Garrison Earnest, Senate treasurer, told Senate in the Nov. 16 meeting that just because there is money left in the budget, it doesn’t mean Senate can spend it.

“Through us being smart with our money, that’s why we’re comfortable right now,” said Eric Norris, Senate president.

With $6,836 left in the budget, Earnest encouraged senators to remember that any money left in the budget will rollover to next semester.

He also said spring semester will mean more allocations, because it has proven to in the past.

“We will get up to three allocations a night, all wanting $1,000,” Earnest said.

Norris said there is no real reason why there are more allocations in the spring, although one reason may be some clubs take trips in the fall and do not allocate money until spring.

The reason so much was said about spending was because of a debate that lasted the full 20-minute time limit that was over a proposed allocation.

The allocation was for the Russian Club’s upcoming trip to St. Louis to see the Nutcracker performed by the Moscow Ballet.

The request was for $411.75, but the finance committee proposed $100. Some senators thought the full amount should be paid.

“Seeing the ballet would give the students cultural diversity they wouldn’t get on campus, which is part of our international mission,” said sophomore senator John Conrace.

Others opposed by saying the Russian Club already had money in its budget to pay for the remainder of the trip.

After Norris called the discussion to a close because of its time limit, it was put to a vote and $200 was allocated to the club.

Also $680 was allocated to the Spanish club for a trip to Springfield. This amount was the full amount requested. The club will perform “la Celebración” at a local high school and watch Man of la Mancha at a local theater while on its trip.

Earnest said part of the reason for allocating the entire amount was because the Spanish Club gives back with the events it holds on campus.

Norris ended the meeting by encouraging everyone to attend Casino Night Nov. 17.

There were 34 senators and four officers present. Not present were Krisityan Hristov, Iulia Nastasa, Carolyn White and Kyle Kastler.