Senate vacancies left to two open seats

Garrison Earnest - Student Senate Treasure

Garrison Earnest – Student Senate Treasure

Parker Willis

Business went as usual during the Nov. 2 Student Senate meeting.

The biggest discussion of the evening was about the near-full Senate.

There were 29 senators and four officers total present at the meeting.

Only two seats are still available despite losing members early in the semester.

All thanks from the senators went to the Vacancy Committee’s commitment to bring forward new candidates every week.

This week the new candidate was Chrystal Cain, freshman, who was brought before the Senate and passed unanimously to become a voting member. She said her reasons for running for Senate were because she wants to help out on campus and she wants to gain leadership skills, which she believes are a part of being on Senate.

At the beginning of the meeting Senate had $8,363 in its budget. But it did allocate $1,000 to Delta Epsilon Chi for an upcoming trip.

Despite starting the semester with a smaller budget than normal, Senate treasurer Garrison Earnest said, “We’ve been able to save money because we haven’t had as many allocations come in.”

He said normally Senate allocates around $1,000 per week but this semester the average has been around $600.

Earnest said he would like to bring the Senate’s budget back up to where it should be which will allow it to spend money on any upcoming projects in which the senators would like to invest.

Eric Norris, Senate president, was also excited about its upcoming Casino Night.

The night will be run by the Senate and prizes will be given away that the senators have had donated for the event. The senators spent Nov. 2 and Nov. 3 soliciting local business for prizes.

The senators also held a pizza party on Nov. 3 after going around getting donations.

Also, during the meeting’s announcements, the Sports Committee informed the Senate the University’s nationwide hunt for a new head football coach is hoped to be over by Christmas.

Other announcements included an invitation to all of the senators to attend Southern IMPACT’s upcoming skate party.

Senate meetings are held every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Billingsly Student Center Room 314.

The following senators were absent from the meeting: Hector Amaya, John Conrace and Crystal Bush