CAB members exchange gifts during final fall semester meeting

Parker Willis

Ending the semester on a jolly note, the Campus Activities Board spent most of its last Wednesday meeting exchanging gifts and eating snacks.

The board met upstairs in the Billingsly Student Center Dec. 7. And opened gifts by playing “dirty Santa.” The gifts were all placed on a table at the end of the room and the students chose presents by the number they picked. But the twist was if you wanted a gift that someone else had already opened then you could take it and make him or her choose another. The limit on the gift was $5 and the gifts ranged from candles and silly putty to travel pillows and gift cards for the campus bookstore.

While many of the gifts were on the gag side of things, one stood out a little more than others. A box of condoms ended up in the hands of Carolyn White, CAB public relations coordinator.

“It was the best gag gift of the whole party,” White said. “I am just stealing them from Mark to give to friends.”

But the meeting was not all fun and games. Candice Dickinson, CAB president, announced John Carr as the CAB member of the semester.

Carr received dinner and a movie for two as his prize.

“Each event and meeting were worth a certain amount of points and whoever had the most points at the end of the semester won,” Dickinson said.

Dickinson also encouraged the Board to get more gifts donated for the two and a half families that were adopted by CAB for Christmas.

She said the board had already received several gifts but were still lacking some items.

“We’ve had some people take three, four or five ornaments but we adopted almost three families so it’s not going to hurt us to get extra stuff,” Dickinson said.

Dickinson also reminded members of CAB to attend the Dec. 8 gift-wrapping party where members will let students bring in gifts to wrap at the Student Life Center with all of the wrapping paper and bows provided.

This marked the final meeting for CAB this semester but the members expect to come back in full force next semester.

“We’ve accomplished more in the last four meetings than we did all semester,” said Terry Levy, CAB treasurer.

This began when the Board broke into committees.

“I think having committees gives the people a sense of belonging, because they actually have tasks to get done instead of just coming to a meeting and listen to other people talk about that they’re doing,” said Graham Dickinson, CAB vice president.

CAB will still be meeting in the upstairs of the BSC next semester, and will keep the same 2 p.m. Wednesday time.